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XMANAI project - Understandable AI for humans

Unimore participates the the XMANAI project about Explainable Manufacturing Artificial Intelligence

Segui in diretta live l'evento del 21 Novembre - ospite DONALD NORMAN

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Workshop "Progettare l’interazione UOMO-MACCHINA per l'industria 4.0"

Il 21 Novembre Unimore ospita DONALD NORMAN

Short Master "Metodi dell'Ingegneria per la riduzione dei costi industriali"

5 e 12 Novembre 2019 - sono aperte le iscrizioni!

Progetto CREAM - video fesremiliaromagna

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XiLab – X-in-the Loop Simulation Lab

XiLab is an advanced simulation laboratory that provides high-level design and engineering methods for Industry 4.0, enhanced by elevated expertise and cutting-edge technologies as complementary and synergetic resources for the development of innovative, sustainable and intelligent products and processes.

XiLab is a development centre of digital product-process design (virtual prototyping, human-centred design, human simulation) and intelligent manufacturing (industrial automation and robotics, digital manufacturing, virtual commissioning).

XiLab leverages X-in-the-Loop approaches for supporting modern companies in their sustainable development:

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop simulations (HIL)
  • Software-in-the-Loop simulations (SIL)
  • Model-in-the-Loop simulations (MIL)
  • Digital Twin Control-based manufacturing systems
  • Human-in-the-Loop simulations (HITL)                                       

XiLab is also performing real technology transfer from the University to the companies at local, Italian and international level, and a higher education centre which supports enterprises in their technical and technological growth.

XiLab is active on several European Research projects as well as Italian projects and based its applied research on numerous industrial collaborations in different sectors (packaging, automotive, automatic machines, food and pharmaceutical industry).

XiLab arises from the intuition and experience of Prof. Marcello Pellicciari and Prof. Margherita Peruzzini from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Click here to download the XiLab Flyer.