Programme: MIUR CFI  Italian Technology Cluster of “Intelligent Factories” (CFI) 
Topic: Adaptive Manufacturing 
Project Coordinator: UNIMORE – UNIGB (ITA) 
Start year: 2014 
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CFI is an association that includes large and medium-small companies, universities and research centres, company associations and other stakeholders active in the advanced manufacturing sector. The association is recognized by MIUR as a driver of sustainable economic growth in all the regions of the national economic system, as it fosters the innovation and specialization of Italian manufacturing systems. CFI aims to propose, develop and implement a national strategy based on research and innovation aimed at the development and application of innovative technologies in order to strengthen the competitiveness of advanced manufacturing in the international industrial context.

The Adaptive project defined technologies and solutions to improve the capacity of modern

factories to be flexible and efficient, in order to respond adequately to the changes required by the increasingly fast dynamics of the market.
At the current state of the art, modern industries and factories have now reached a high degree of automation. The extensive use of mechatronic systems and components that operate efficiently allows production lines to achieve high speeds with excellent quality standards. In particular, robotized cells and CNC machines work side-by-side with fast automatic machines in modern production lines, enabling them to achieve the high production standards absolutely necessary to compete in today’s global market.
The “Adaptable Intelligent Factory” project aims at the development of innovative devices and machines to support the reconfiguration and adaptation of machines and robots, as a basis to support ever faster market dynamics and with greater requests for customization.

XiLAB  defines novel approaches for adaptive, assistive interfaces.