Research Topics

XiLab is active on several European Research projects as well as Italian projects and based its applied research on numerous industrial collaborations in different sectors (packaging, automotive, automatic machines, food and pharmaceutical industry).

Hardware-in-the-Loop simulations (HIL)
Development and validation of complex real-time embedded systems / machines / plants integrating physical hardware components with virtual digital models

Digital Twin Control-based
manufacturing systems
Development of intelligent and self-optimizing manufacturing systems using Digital Twin realistic simulations

Model-in-the-Loop simulations (MIL)
Product 3D modelling to emulate the reality and be used to simulate the expected behaviours, actions and reactions, from an aesthetical to a functional viewpoint

Human-in-the-Loop simulations (HITL) Development of interactive digital
mock-ups and immersive virtual environments according to
human factors requirements to predict and optimize the human interaction with machines / interfaces / systems 

Software-in-the-Loop simulations (SIL)
Development and test of advanced optimization algorithms for mechatronic manufacturing systems on virtual models to prove and optimize the controller strategy according to specific drivers (e.g. energy efficiency, productivity/cycle time, precision quality)