Programme: H2020
Topic: FOF-03-2016 Zero-defect strategies at system level for multi-stage manufacturing in production lines 
Start year: 2016
EU Website: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/723906
Project website: https://www.z-fact0r.eu/


The project focuses on the development of an innovative solution for multi-stage production-based strategies targeting (I) the early detection of the defect (Z-DETECT), (II) the prediction of the defect generation (Z-PREDICT), (III) the prevention of defect generation by recalibrating the production line (multi-stage), as well as defect propagation in later stages of the production (Z-PREVENT), (IV) the reworking/remanufacturing of the product, if this is possible, using additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques (Z-REPAIR) and (V) the management of the aforementioned strategies

through event modelling, KPI (key performance indicators) monitoring and real-time decision support (Z-MANAGE).
The Z-Fact0r consortium has conducted an extensive state-of-the-art research and realised that although a number of activities have been trying to address the need for zero-defect manufacturing, still there is a vast business opportunity for innovative, high-ROI (Return on Investment) solutions, that will ensure better quality and higher productivity in the European manufacturing industries.

XiLAB supports SIR Robotics to define new zero-defect robotic deburring strategies .

Related publications

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