Programme: POR FESR 2014-2020 (Emilia Romagna)
Topic: Strategic industrial research projects aimed at the priority areas of the Intelligent
Specialization Strategy
Project Coordinator: UNIMORE – INTERMECH MO.RE. (ITA) 
Start year: 2019
Project website:


The COORSA project (COllaborazione tra Operatori e Robot manipolatori mobili Sicuri per la fAbbrica del futuro) aims to develop a concept and a prototype that demonstrate the possibility of safely integrating the work of human operators with collaborative robot manipulators on mobile platforms.
COORSA involves academic and industrial partners who will work together to achieve the final objective.
Among the academic partners:
– Unimore will participate through the INTERMECH interdepartmental center;
– UniBo through the CIRI MAM advanced mechanics center;
– Unife through the laboratory for advanced mechanics MECHLAV;
– Unipr through the CIDEA Interdepartmental Center for Energy and the Environment.

Participants include:
– SACMI IMOLA, world leader in the supply of machines and plants for the ceramic, beverage and packaging industry, food processing, vision systems and plastics processing;
– Bucher Hydraulics, an international leader in the production of innovative hydraulic drives and controls for mobile and stationary hydraulics;
Elettric 80, a company specialized in the implementation of flexible, modular, integrated and automated solutions;
– CRIT for the enhancement and dissemination of project results.

XiLAB defines new approaches for collaboration between humans and robots.