VR for remote customer experience

Programme: FAR – Fondi di Ateneo per la Ricerca / University Funds for Research 
Topic: Financing of Interdisciplinary Research Projects 2019 
Project Coordinator: UNIMORE DIEF (Prof. Margherita Peruzzini), UNIMORE DEMB (Prof. Elisa Martinelli and Gianluca Marchi)
Start year: 2019 


The project entitled “Nuovi strumenti digitali per la creazione della customer experience a distanza: promuovere le tipicità alimentari modenesi con la realtà virtuale ed aumentata” / “New digital tools for remote customer experience: how to promote the Modenese agro-food typical products”.
This project intends to reproduce in the digital environment the user experience during the guided tour of the production site of some of the main Modenese agri-food specialties. For this activity, we will firstly understand the salient moments of the production cycle of agri-food products and the most relevant sensory aspects stimulated during the experience of the guided tour inside the production site. In addition, some elements of the territorial context and the environment surrounding the production site will be selected to strengthen the link between the typical product and the territory of origin.

This activity is carried out with respect to one of the most typical products of the Modenese agri-food economy: Parmigiano Reggiano production. The project promotes the adopton of Virtual Reality tecnologies to improve the brand awareness and to push users woldwide to visit the physical dairies and / or to finally purchase the product.
Considering the growing need to provide consumers with social and economic access to safe and guaranteed food, promoted also by H2020 with the objective “Agri-food sector for a safe and healthy diet”, this project proposes the use of technology as a tool interactive for the creation of a culture of safe and traced product by means of an immersive tour through all the production phases of the typical Italian agro-food products.

XiLAB develops interactive virtual tour to promote customer experience.

Related publications

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