Programme: POR-FESR 2014-2020
Topic: ASSE 1 Ricerca e Innovazione. Azione 1.1.1 e 1.1.4 
Project Coordinator: CNH Industrial (ITA) 
Start year: 2016 


CREAM aims at developing a new human-centered agricultural machine concept, based on integrated design product-process and human factors analysis, thanks to an innovative design framework. Such a framework will solve the main problems of the sector (i.e. reduced product usability, working conditions are not always suitable for the user both as a machine operator both as worker in production, long assembly time).
For this purpose, the project applies the principles of user experience design (UXD) for the definition of a new product-process design and redesign in order to facilitate the manual assembly steps.
The CREAM framework combines:
– A system for the acquisition of biomechanical data and physiological data to monitor the user experience lived during the man-machine interaction (as a user) and during manual assembly process (as a worker);
– Human-product and human-process interaction

models to model the perceived user experience (UX);
– Design techniques for manufacturing & assembly (DFMA) and design for sustainability (DFS) for product optimization and process efficiency-driven process considering also social sustainability throughout the entire life cycle (manufacture, process, use, maintenance);
– A hybrid simulation environment to design user-centered products and processes, which applies the patterns of interaction in different operating environments to support oriented to optimize the design of human experience in terms of perceived quality, usability, satisfaction and ergonomics.
The CREAM framework will be applied to the agricultural machinery sector, which today does not use advanced simulation technologies unlike other areas (e.g., automotive sector) to make Modena a reference point for the design of the vehicle in the round.

XiLAB evelops a mixed-reality digital set-up to support design for serviceability and design for assembly, promoting human-centered practices in tractors’ design and development.


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