ViPLabVirtual Prototyping Lab

ViPLab focuses on Human-Centered Design and Simulation for Industry 4.0, thanks to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies, human simulation tools and human monitoring devices.

Main goals

To integrate design and styling into the engineering process

To provide methods and tools for Virtual Reality technologies

To support companies in developing Human-Centered Simulations

To provide protocols and tools for User Experience analysis


The Lab is equipped with Virtual Reality and Human Monitoring technologies

– 6×2 m CADwall (STEWART)

High-performance stereoscopic projectors (BARCO)

Active glasses for stereoscopic viewing (VOLFONI)

Motion tracking system (VICON)

3D sound system (DENON)

AR glasses (GLASSUP)

Eye-tracker Glasses (TOBII)

Virtual Reality high-end system (HTC VIVE Pro Eye)

Virtual Ergonomics (HTC VIVE TRACKERS)

Hand gesture recognition (LEAP MOTION)

360° video-cameras

Wearable biosensors for human data monitoring (ZEPHYR, EMPATICA)